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A plea....

Hi all. So we are very excited to be able to get back into playing some football and looking forward to seeing you all next week for our training sessions.

We have spent the time during lockdown trying to improve the water drainage of the pitch in the hope that we have a more resilient ground to the trials of the English winter. Hopefully, this will mean we can get cracking and get some gameplay under our belt However this is met with a plea...

Between the 1st lockdown and this most recent one we obviously implemented our measures for doing what we did in a Covid safe way. We didn't get everything right first time and we would like to thank you for your patience as we tried to adapt as we figured things out. Having had the opportunity to visit other clubs during away matches we also looked at some of the processes that those clubs use and where we thought we could learn from them. We also noted that we are in a far better place than some.

We are however very aware that despite the best intentions of the club, managers, parents and the players, there are still areas we need to improve. This is for the benefit not only of our immediate community but the wider one as well and means we are all working together to try to keep playing and not to be a reason football having to stop again.

With this in mind we are going to ask the following:

Please ensure that all visitors socially distant. This we understand is sometimes difficult but please resist the urge to all become penguins and huddle together in the cold. Please maintain your distance not only for the obvious reasons but also as a visible expression of how seriously we are taking this.

We have invested in more washing and sanitizing stations. These will be more widely spread around the ground so that they are easier to access and we don't have groups needing to congregate around one station.

Please ensure that you scan the Test and Trace app

If you feel that there are areas of concern then please don't feel you don't have a voice. It can sometimes be that as the boundaries are slightly eroded no one feels confident to speak and therefore they are eroded further. If you do not feel confident in addressing this yourself then feel free to talk to your manager, Gary or Julian with any suggestions. We also have a dedicated Covid Office in Gez (U12 coach) should you have any specific questions the rest of us cant answer.

Once again - thank you for your patience during this challenging time. Thank you for understanding what an additional workload this has put on an already stretched committee, coaches and managers. Together we will see this through and was the sun starts to shine a little more on Alexandra Park we will be proud of what we managed to keep alive.

Many thanks


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