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Blue Arrows 4 - Crystal Palace 6

MOTM: Daniel E GB: Kevin x 2 Martin x 1 Archer x 1

  1. Even though we lost another game this season, it was a great display of football again by the blues. We seem to lose our focus at times which creates a lot of space for oppos to attack. We scored 37 goals so far in 9 games, second highest in the division, but conceded 48. Frustrating at times and work needs to be done to sort this out. However, the boys ran their hearts out again today with some lovely passing, great crosses and attacking football but the Place girls equalled our efforts and and with some PDQ girls on the wings, out ran us on a few occasion and could break quickly into the space we created for them at times. There wasn’t a lot between the Teams but they just converted their chances. After some tense battling in midfield we finally broke through a strong palace defence with Kevin scoring a great team goal. CP equalised 5 minutes later with a great header. We broke through again in the 22nd minute with another team goal and Martin taping the ball coolly past the keeper 3 yards from the goal. It was quite a physical game and some of the girls were a head taller then our boys and hard to tackle. CP managed to squeeze in a goal just before half time, with 2:2 being a fair result. The second half started again with both teams battling in midfield and palace just started to play that bit stronger with some fast running and catching us out on the counter and scored again in the 36 and 39 minute. We missed a few opportunities to go ahead by at least 2 goals with a great attempt from Ani hitting the crossbar and Kevin hitting the post. Kevin pulled one back in the 44th minutes getting us back to a one goal difference at 3:4 We missed another few well constructed counter attack chances but just couldn’t net the ball. CP scored again in the 55th minute but 4 minutes later, Archers goal closed the gap again. With 5 minutes to go we started to risk more and just kept going at palace which made us more vulnerable in defence and another faced paced counter netter the girl their 6th goal and the nail in the coffin for us. The boys gave their best again and battled their way through the game that was wonderful to watch. Daniel E was chosen again by the team as MOTM with some impressive runs, passing and creating chances. A special mention to Archer and Aidan, who I thought gave their all and didn’t stop and Ben and Neev with some great saves throughout the game. A win would have been great but palace was just that bit better today. Well done boys and we will get there. Very proud of the team and how far they have come. We just need a few wins now to boost their confidence.T

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