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Blue Arrows vs Carpe Diem 4:1

Blue Arrows 4 - Carpe Diem FC 1

MotM: Neev Sampat

GB: Daniel Paul Etomi

Dan E: 2

Martin: 1

Kevin: 1

After a dreadful start to the season last week, the boys managed to turn up today and play some of the best football I have seen them play.

Great attacking and always positive going forward.

Playing a team that was at our level, it was an even game at times. However, we managed to win more balls and just wanted it that bit more.

Our formation seemed to be a lot better as well which covered the midfield and not give too much space to the opo. We also managed to close them down much faster and they just didn't manage to have space to play. The fighting spirit was amazing today and there wasn't one player on the pitch who didn't give his all.

Fantastic passing and great runs opened up the opo goal and we converted 90% of our chances and 2 great saves from their goalie kept the score down.

A special mention to Archer who played well in the Middle but when put in CM he excelled and he won every tackle and made it impossible to get a shot on goal.

Another fantastic performance today from Danielo who also was physical, fought and won almost every ball.

Aidan was the usual rock in Midfield and Martin and Kevin run their heart out scoring 2 fantastic goals between them with a great assist from Kevin to give Martin his lovely goal right in front of goal.

Daniel E picked himself up from last week and was his usual self, like a Tiger, with great runs at goals creating chances and scoring two brilliant goals himself.

Ani also run his heart out with two lovely passes into space after winning challenges and gave his everything.

Zack, Mark and Daniel in Defence kept a great line and managed to keep the opo in check with a physical approach and also winning most of their challenges.

Well done boys and we are back in business.

Super proud of the effort and well-deserved win today


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