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Holland Sport Juniors FC vs. Seymour Villa FC 3 -4


No better way to start the new year than a win!Driving to country side all the way to Surrey and coming back with the points in the bag made our Sunday very special.

FIRST HALF The match started with a slow pace due to abuse of Christmas pudding and the lack of exercise during the holiday most probably from both teams.

Villa wearing the usual blue with Rufus in goal Arian Gavin in defence Finley Luis and Samuele in midfield Noa attacking. Holland wearing yellow and black. The blues despite the slow start and the pitch being wider and longer than what they are used to, seemed to have total control of the match. The first 10 minutes didn’t say much with the blues constantly patrolling the Holland half of the pitch and producing a few chances but never seriously causing treats to the opponent’s s keeper. The match all of a sudden change thanks to a counter attack from the players wearing yellow and black. Our defence line was far too high and with such long pitch was difficult to recover. Holland open the score line 1 -0. Time to restart the match and with an other counter attack we conceded the second. It seemed to be another mistake from our players. 2 - 0. We all knew that wasn’t going to be an easy match once again. Probably among the qualities of the Villa players never despair is one of the first ones. Julian face remained very serene no problem at all. The blues at that point woke up a very inspired Louis got the ball in mid field and started to run down on the right and side of pitch. On and on and on dribbling the opponents one after another and when everybody thought he was going to cross from a incredible tight angle unleashed a cannonball that keeper tried to save but no chances, it bended the keeper’s glows and nearly pierced the net. Amazing goal 2 - 1. Will we see this boy back in defence? We were used to see our wall back there but I think he enjoys scoring and producing great football up the pitch a bit more at the moment. Great playing from him! Confidence restored our heroes were back in the game. Indeed they were after the second from the man of the match, Louis. Great run from Michael down the right side taking on opponents, perfect ball in the box were Louis didn’t let it go unnoticed and placed it where the keeper couldn’t reach. 2 - 2. Good effort from both team and back in the dressing room for well deserved rest.

SECOND HALF The play resumed with the teams levelled both wanting to win their first game of the year. Julian as Usual made the players rotate using a lot of subs. At this point the game got a lot more lively, the holiday was forgotten and the desire to win prevailed. Both teams were running a lot and the match was so exiting to watch. The blues were the better team pushing hard trying to get the third goal. The defensive line once again was very high most of the player were in the Holland half of the pitch finding it difficult to find space to pass the ball and create chases. As it always Happens when you can't score and concede space for counter attack you get punished. One of the Holland player collected a scrappy ball after a few rebounces and had an open field in front of him and scored the third goal for Holland FC. 3 -2. (I am not to sure about this one I can't remember properly 📷:) Hard to swallow for the supporters but faith in the heroes never misses. After the goal Holland seemed to be the better team on the pitch and played more in the Villa half. But this time was our time to surprise them. Alfie after a few minute was on the pitch showed what is capable of. Dribbling a lot of opponents on the left wing got in the box and shoot for the equaliser. 3 -3. Well deserved goal from Alfie that often loves getting on the score sheet. He was fresh on energies coming in the second half and he is a very dangerous player for the other teams to control. Micheal produced a good few runs bringing the ball up the pitch creating good chances. Samuele saw his volley being saved on the line Noa was giving absolutely everything he had left on the tank every single player gave absolutely 110% trying to win this. Rufus had to make several saves all through the match that kept us in the game. But the reward was coming for the blues. 5 minutes to the end another diamond goal from Alfie to secure the three points. Again on that part of the pitch that he loves playing on. Nobody could stop his dribbling and determination to win, pure desire! Great Shot which took a little deflection and went into the top right corner of the net. 3 - 4 for Villa! Explosion of joy from all the boys and the supporters. Great feeling once again. For the first time in the match the blues were ahead. There was a few more agonising minutes to go, all our players were on defence duties. Great playing from Gavin that untangled dangerous situations, Finley intercepting the opponents at midfield and Henry keeping the ball with his dribbling and running the clock down. The team was defending as a unit, everybody knew what to do and they made sure the result did not change until the end. The Ref blew his whistle to declare the end of the hostility, our heroes made it.

Super first win of the year, we could not ask for any better. Very tense game of football that make you suffer a lot but feel even more happy for the win at the end of this great football match. There was a lot of shaking hands and exchanging of compliments from both teams and managers.

I like to spend a few word for the referee that made the game very pleasant to watch. All the calls were made promptly and very impartial and he has create very good energy and harmony through players, managers and supporters. On behalf of all us I would like to thank him! Is always nice to see this after the experience we had the previous game (last of the year 2019) were the manager of the opponents has being refereeing the match so badly, paying no respect to anyone involved in it. I always wonder what such people do in the world of kids what concept of football and education can he give to the kids he trains? I supposed to write a report for that match but I preferred no to as I would had written to many bad things about it and this is not what I like to do. If we get upset for this kind of things we make that man happy, better to forget leave it all behind and learned through this. If we ever play this team at home we should just shaw them how to be fair and impartial, that is the best we could do.

And in the end my consideration, is beautiful to see, after a longish time with no matches, this group is a very united squad which proofed to be hard to beat for whoever faces us. Very good togetherness and friendship all around this beautiful football team! Proud to be part of it.

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