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Vets 4 v Long Lane Vets 5

Great first half and the much stronger team but we got caught napping beginning of the 2nd at 3-0, as we didn't take advantage of the slope/wind in first half and basically got mugged by a team who showed more fight. We should've been 5/6 up when they only had 10, but were scrappy with final pass and didn't look for simpler options. We agreed we could pick them off as didn't need to gung-ho, as they'd need to chase it. But we didn't show composure and flapped at one another, which was poor. We've missed an opportunity to give us a buffer, but we'll get other chances over coming weeks. We should have equelised at the end but goal wasn't given due to offside. Player was at least 3 yards on but hey, some decission go for you some against. We must show more metal and composure when we take the lead, bit of arrogance wouldn't go amiss. We've recently lost leads in games but ended up winning, so least we know we've a real goal threat. Still 2nd in the Division and onwards we go.

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