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Blue Arrows 1 v Blue Star Elite 6

MOTH: Ben & Ani GB: Kevin

Playing against the strongest team of the Division turned out to be a hard day of football. The first half ended 1:2 with the boys playing fantastically well and at times far better then the opposition. It wasn’t the right result but we just didn’t manage to convert our chances and one of their defenders at 5’8 looked like a giant on the pitch and was almost impossible to get pass. Second half started well but we soon felt the pressure starting to get the better of us and Blue Star managed to outrun us, started winning most 1st and 2nd challenges and we felt their sheer physical body strengths finally give them an edge and just run out of steam 15 minutes into the second half, scored 4 goals in quick succession and kill off the game. The boys still didn’t give up and came back the last 7 minutes of the game creating chances and running their little hearts out. They coldl have given any more and the other team was just that bit better, faster, more physical and more clinical in their execution. Great little team and looks like they are favourite to win this season. Very proud of the boys today, fighting till the end. Ben with his amazing saves and Ani with his endless running, interfering and lovely passing, we’re both voted MOTM by the team. Well done.Looking forward to the Crystal Place Girls game next Sunday as it is the first time the boys play an all girls team who are playing good football.A big thank you to all the parents who always help setting up and a doing a great job on the sideline cheering on the boys.Onwards and upwards. Tom

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