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Blue Arrows 1 v Millwall Lionesses 5 (A)

MOTM: Danilo

GB: Aidan

How frustrating for the boys again today.Another game, where we were totally dominating (especially in the first half) and played some fantastic passing and attacking football but lost. So undeserved, we didn't get something out of this game.From the go, we played some impressive football, with pace and combinations I haven't seen so consistant in a game. Brilliant to watch and conceding in the 4 minute was not great but didn't seem to be a worry as we were in there half 90% of the time. The girls were a good team and it transpired very soon that their counters were something they trained and were very good at; however, we keept them at bay and played our game creating numerous chances but without netting the ball, frustrating. The Lionesses were unsder constant presure but somehow manage to dodge our balls and some of our 100% chances just failed to hit the target or went straight into the keepers hands. Even though we were 1 nill down after the first half, I thought we had a grerat chance to make somethinf out of the game and the boys faught hard and create a lot more chances in the second half, not as paceful as in the first but still putting lots of pressure on the girls.We got hit by a counter in the 45th minute and they scored so with 2 nill down we took the foot of the padal a bit and in a mad 5 minute perid got hit by 3 more counters with the girls scoring in all of them. We got one back in the 48th minute with Aidan scoring with a powerful strike from a fantastic assist by Kevin.We did rush the ball at times and lost a few 1st chalanges but all in all the boys couldn't be faulted and our old nemesis - chance over chances and not netting the ball has not decided to give it a rest today.As a statistic, we had 22 good chances and scored one, they had 10 chances and scored 5????The defence were solid, the midfiled pressing and forward and supporting the defence well and the attcke creating super chances. All players deserve a hughe praise.Great effort by the boys, a good attidue, and really wanting it.The boys just run out of steam a bit towards the end with only one sub available, and Millwall just seem to have more streangth and pace th elast 15 minutes.Well done the boys and we have a great team there that I am confident will turn the corner soon and bring home some more points.Super proud and thank you to all parents for their support and positive attitude



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