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Blue Arrows 2 - Academix FC 5

MOTM: Kevin/Mark

GB: Kevin x2

We started the match very well with loads of ball position, good passing and winning 1st challenges, however, we were 1 goal behind in the 9th minute after a fluke shot from almost midfield slipped through Neeves hand and rolled into goal. Same actually happened to me last week at the vets game 📷:( Unlucky.

We kept playing excellent and organised football throughout the first half, created many chances and missed 3 super ones, and in the 28 minutes we finally scored a deserved equalizer. Another amazing team goal with quick one touch passing, and Kevin converted with a rocket of a shot from just outside the box. Boys were by far the better team and dominated the first half. Their fast winger was brilliantly man managed by Daniel who didn't give him an inch to move. Everybody’s work rate was exceptional, and they never gave up any balls. A special mention to Kevin and Mark who worked extra hard with Mark chasing and winning evert ball in defense and Keven doing the same in midfield Brilliant to watch. This earned both of them MOTM. 2 seconds before end of the 1st half Academix got a lovely cross in front of goal and scored 2;1. totally against the run of play. Familiar situation but nothing to complain about.

At 2nd half kick off the ref made a major mistake (the only one of the game) by not checking with our goalie if ready and with Neevs back to the ball and kick of done, they score, even though he manged to save the 1st shot. I explained to the ref that this was unfair, but he stuck to his decision. This incident caused the boys to switch of a bit and the opo started to get the upper hand on us. Even though we were still fighting and working our socks off, they scored with an unlucky own goal by Kevin in the 43 minute and that's when the boys started to give up a bit. in those 5 minutes of heads going down, we conceived another 2 counter goals and were 5:1 down. But the boys didn't give up and started to get back into the game and again we dominated and managed to score through another great Kevin goal in the 48th minutes. We created a few more chances, but it just didn't fall for us.

Another special mention to Neev, who had another fantastic day with his sheer determination and decission making and in total had 10 super saves.

Another very good game by the lads and the result does not mirror the performance. A great group of players who together can make anything happen.

Another proud day!!


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