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Blue Arrows 2 vs Southwark Allstars Red 3

MOTM: Aidan King GB: Kevin Gomes ⚽️⚽️

Having always lost badly against this team in the past, I was expecting a one-sided game. However, the boys performed brilliantly throughout the game with a great fighting spirit and matching everything the opposition threw at them in the first half.

This was an amazing game to watch with both teams defending, passing, crossing and attacking well.

It took almost 25 minutes for the 1st goal to be scored and an unfortunate goal it was. A relatively harmlessly taken free-kick against us, just outside the box, dropped unfortunate just in front of Neeve and of his arm, trickling into the net. Totally Undeserved.

Neev already saved some fantastic balls from counter-attacks, running fearlessly towards the strikers, and throughout the game was outstanding with his positioning and deliveries. A lot of praise given to him from the Opo Manager. Their keeper also was strong and kept them in the game in numerous occasions Kevin had to fantastic chances to convert a team attack but the keeper just manager to steal the ball from him in time.

We managed to get a goal back int the 28 minutes from a rebound but SAS responded with a direct corner kick goal in the 29 minutes. Again, a complete fluke.

We dominated the second half not giving the opo any chance to break through and got a goal back after constant attacks in the 55th Minute through another scrappy goal with the ball dropping to Kevin’s feet right in front of goal.

We then missed a couple of great chances to go ahead, but it wasn’t on our side today and one of only 2 of their chances in the second half was converted through another direct free kick in the 57th minute. Ce la vie.

The defense did an amazing job tackling consistently well and winning almost all balls and chasing players down.

Louis, our newest player, had 2 good chances to equalise in the last couple of minutes, being in the right place at the right time, but just didn’t get hold of the ball enough to make it count. Great effort though.

Aidan especially, was like a whirlwind, everywhere interrupting and organising the game through the middle and was voted MOTM.

Mark and Zac also were very strong and hard to pass today. Some outstanding tackles.

The midfield kept a good line throughout most of the games and the wingers Danilo, Daniel E and Harry managed to run with the ball and make some great passes.Archer and Kevin worked well together uoront and Archer has an amazing opportunity to nip a goal on the line but missed Kevin’s low cross by inches.

Ben and Ani also did very well in central midfield and fought hard for every ball. A physical and hard fought game from both sides but we didn’t deserve to lose today.

Very proud of the boys for their effort against a great SAS team who’s keeper and great defence made it very hard.

Thanks to all parents for supporting the boys with lots of encouragement throughout the game.

Another fantastic game to watch and strangely, losing today didn’t feel too bad at all.


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