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SVFC U17’s vs Old Wilsonians

This game was huge, for the league but also for personal reasons. From the coaches, to the parents, to the players, everyone, on both sides, wanted to win this game more than any other.

Unfortunately I arrived 15 minutes into the game due to working the night shift and only finishing at 10am (talk about commitment!) it was 0-0, I was lucky enough to get there in time to see Zain rip their right back and whip a cross into the box but unfortunately, we couldn’t convert. 20 minutes into the game, up comes Jamie Mander, who was one of many players that Old Wilsonians tried to get to leave Seymour and join them, he picked up the ball from about 30 yards, composed himself and smashed it into the top right, it was 1-0 and what a goal it was to put us in the lead. For the rest of the second half Seymour were the dominant side, our back 4 of Jonny, Joe, Samir, and Ryan, performed exceptionally yet again, OW could hardly get into our box but when they did one of them was always back to make the challenge. After arriving late I could see we were playing well but I encouraged our wingers to stay wider to stretch their defence apart, Alex followed that instruction to a tee, he picked up the ball out paced his opponent and set up big Henry Farrant to double our lead. After expecting this game to be tight Vince and I could hardly believe it when that man again, Alex took on 3 or 4 players to smash home the third. It was half time and it was 3-0.

The second half begun much the same with Seymour getting lots of joy down the width. After another great attacking move we managed to win a corner where up comes Joe, Mr Seymour himself, to score the 4th. It if wasn’t for Joe and Cormac’s persistence over summer none of this would be happening and most of our boys would be on the other team, hence his passionate celebration towards the away bench. It was 4-0 and we were doing well. Our keeper Anton who is very rarely called into action made some phenomenal saves today and if it wasn’t for his athleticism it could have been a much tighter game. A corner to OW gave them their first goal of the match with calls for a foul on Anton being waved away by the referee, who I have to say was fantastic and a real breath of fresh air compared to some referees. It was a great moment to see Chillu score his first goal of the season and become 5-1 up, after seeing him score the same goal numerous times in training we all knew he had it in him and hopefully this is the first of many. In the dying minutes of the game their best player who we dealt with well scored a 20 yard shot into the top corner, not as good as Jamies though, to make it 5-2 and the game ended with that thrilling score line.

Man of the match today could have been anyone but Alex played incredibly on the right midfield and up front, their defence couldn’t handle him and his goal and assist proves that.

From front to back we are looking like a formidable team, next week will be a real test but we know if we play our best, we can beat anyone.

SVFC U17’s 5 - Old Wilsonians 2

Coaches Sam and Vince Melotta

A big thanks to all the parents who supported but also helped with the goals, we very much appreciate it!

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