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Under 10 - Seymour Villa FC vs AFC Shortlands FC 2 - 1

Sunday 24th November 2019

What a sweet feeling write this match report after the victory yesterday.

Another year another final.

The Alexandra Recreational Ground, as usual on a match day, was full of life and colours at my arrival.

Our under 8 were busy playing and I could hear parents encouraging and supporting the teams.

Our boys were professionally warming up overlooked by the manager helped by his staff.

Parents were aware, unlike the players, this was a semifinal versus a team already played earlier on in the season and result was a defeat. We played that match very well and deserved better result, that day the boys were very unlucky. That could only add tension to us supporters and was also the main subjects of the prematch chatting.

A few more moment and our Freddy, ref for the day, kicked start the match.

Seymour Villa wearing blue and Shortland wearing orange.

The match started on the front foot for the Villa players.

Brilliant attacking football a lot of determination and creating good scoring opportunities. As I say Champagne football!

A very lively Alfie went that close to open the scoreline but their defence and the keeper managed to survive the first 5 minutes.

That wasn't doing any favour to the Villa supporter already biting their nails you could cut with a knife the tension in the air.

At the very first counter attack from Shortland players they scored Seymour Villa 0 Shortland 1

It seemed a carbon copy of the previous match played at the beginning of the season, Villa creating the best of the chances but Shortlands being so hard to break in defence and so dangerous on the counter attack. We knew it wasn't going to be an easy one.

The match was open to any result this match could not end 1 - 0. Still a long way to go.

The Blues seemed not to care to much about it and started to attack with more determination. After a few more chances the well deserved goal arrived thanks to a great effort from Alfie. It was in the air. 1 - 1.

The match went on with the same story blues having most of the ball and creating chances and Shortland defending and counter attacking all the way to half time.

Freddy send everybody in the changing rooms with an even result and a lot of uncertainty for the second half, who's going to win this?

After the managers gave the usual encouragement and directions to face second half the players of both teams got back on duty with fire in their eyes and so much determination.

Second half started and for the first 10 minutes the blues seemed to have dropped a bit back giving more space to the orange to play more attacking football but never being to dangerous.

Rufus had to be very concentrated and make a few good and secure saves.

Slowly but surely the blues regain territory and that attacking spirit is always with them.

The Villa players started to push up and show themselves more in the Shortland half of the pitch creating good chances but once more the orange defence proofed to be super compact and so difficult to break.

Their goal keeper made a lot of very good saves one after another.

The last 10 minutes have probably been one of the most exiting ones football has ever offered to me and to all the very numerous supporters of bought teams at Alexandra Park yesterday.

Saying that the atmosphere were tense was to little, I thought I was going to get an heart attack.

Our heroes went on attacking and play as one unit, from the keeper to the last attacking players the team looked so united in spirit.

All the area on the pitch was covered a lot of good passing and control of the ball, Henry was on fire bringing ball after ball dangerously forward but nothing, we could not score.

We went so close in so many occasions we had chances which looked goal but there was always the hand of the keeper or a the booth of an orange player stopping the ball at the very last second.

To add worst to the matter the Shortlands players create counter attacks that made my heart skipping beats.

Our Super fantastic rock solid defence refused to go back to that second match of the season in sunny Shortland when we were conceding to easily.

The heroes wearing blue and yellow managed to keep the ball out of our goal with an incredible display of determination and character from all our boys.

The blues pushed and pushed winning a free kick just outside the box and we know we are good on them once.

Just a few minutes to the end, Micheal took a few step back made his run to the ball and unleashed a rocked that, once more the keeper saved arghhh. But on the re bounce a very inspired Arian was ready and like a sniper was able to kick the ball that rolled finally on the back of the net.

I thought that could not be true after so much bad luck. But no it was real GOAL!!!!!!!! 2 -1 great Arian goal goal goal. Fantastic.

The release of joy from the blues supporters was well deserved after so much tension. Big screaming, they all jumped in the air.

What a feeling but it was not over yet. back to tension and the little or non nails left.

Nobody knew how a long to go exactly so we had to keep strong.

A few more pheww and heart beat skipping and the most wanted whistle of the all whistle in the universe arrived.

Freddy declared the end of the hostility and the heroes wearing blue are in the FINAL!!!!!! 2 -1 final score.

I felt like crying at that point we were so happy and relieved. The all parents run to the boys cheering them up. Even Julian was more smily then ever.

Happiness all around the park even the grass was smiling to the boys 📷:)

A very well deserved victory For the Seymour Villa FC under 10.

So much I like to say after this victory but I just say a big thanks to Julian to create a group of friends that always give 101% to this colours and do so with a big smile on their faces.

Congratulation to everybody for the best match of the season so far and in particular to Arian scoring the winning goal and making run after run up and down the pitch, deservedly man of the match.

This is far the best we could ever expect and wish from our boys. We supporters are so proud of this.

THANK YOU Julian and THANK YOU Seymour Villa FC!!!!! The most beautiful team in the world!

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