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31st March 2019 - U9

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

31-03-18 U9 Old Wilsonians Datchelor 0 - 4 Seymour Villa

Another Sunday, another football match another VICTORY!!! For the Seymour Villa team and supporters is becoming a bit of a habit. A sweet one 📷:)

Julian wanted all the players at the pitch nice early and everybody responded. Not for talking or waisting time though. When I arrived everybody was already on their duty. Our heroes were following a very efficient warm up program. Darren and Matt took our mighty keeper Rufus on a side for a proper Goalkeeper training, we indeed looked professional. The Wilsonians looked very determined too their field was field with their black and yellow home colours and supporters were chanting laud. But the blues fear no body now days.

KICK OFF the blues attacking form left to right (from the supporters side)) and the Wilsonians from right to left. The teams started the match studying each other and were very careful not to concede rather then trying to score. As the time was running the Blues were gaining inches of territory and started to warm up the gloves of the Willsonians keeper. A couple of runs down the right wing from a very inspired and lively Demario and a chance for a super determined Finley and the first 10 minutes were gone. At this point of the match the blues seemed to change the pace and as it is becoming a regular, Villa take charge of the opponents and emphatically scored the first one. Like a snake bite far to fast for the whoever stands in front to react and the Villas were ahead. 1 - 0 Demario well deserved. Supporters were still with a big smile on their faces fro m the first goal but didn't have to wait long for the second one, again Villa saw the ball in the back of the net for the second one!!! 2 - 0. Great goal from Henry. On the stroke of half time The snake bit again for the Villas third from the first goal from Finley 3 -0. (VAR confirmed the goal as the net was pierced and the ball went through). Happiness all around for the many noisy Villa supporters as the fist half ended with a clear statement for whoever gets on the way of our heroes in blue and yellow now days. 3 - 0 ladies and gentleman.

The only twitch of the first half was the injuries picked up from Michael that sadly wasn't able to continue. Time for a few sips of water and precious words from the managers and the boys were back on the pitch. The concentration and determination hasn't left the face of the players for a second as everything was ready for second half.

SECOND HALF. The Wilsonians wanted a bit of the glory back. Their own territory their own supporters make them working harder as they restarted on the front foot. The Villa players is a team that works well in any department, all players run for one another and if is time to defend the heroes do so as one unit. After 10 minutes of intense pressure there were no goal conceded. Amazing work from this boys to keep the clean sheet, well done! Rufus is getting confident and secure as every minutes goes by and rock solid defenders like Loui and the others are nearly impossible to break down in a day like this. After this incredible defensive display the Blues remembered that they trashed the opponents in the first half and started to move their action further up on the field playing what we call "Champagne Football" again. And the Villa supporters afternoon like the cherry on the cake, were treated to another incredible free kick. Another trade mark from the Blues!!!! Henry found the left top corner for the 4 -0 which left no chances for the Wilsonians, breaking their hope and making clear Villa were to hard to bit on the day. The Ref sent everybody in the changing room for the end of the match. Time for a peaceful pitch invasion by the Villa's supporter to hug their heroes that gave them so much to cheer about, making their afternoon special once again. You will never run alone our beautiful heroes!!!!! Thank you and Julian who made from this 9 boys a proper team! Great sense of belonging sweating for this colours and for one another. We will always be behind you no matter what!!!!! COME ON VILLAAAAAAA 📷:)

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