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Blue Arrows 4 v Elmstead Cockerels 3

MOTM: Neev GB: Danilo 1 (34) Martin 1 (14) Dan E (15) Aidan (38)

The world of football, an amazing place, sometimes with disappointments and other times with fantastic highs.

Today was a great day for the team. It just shows that if you stick together and battle for each other, everything is possible.

Having the current leader as guest today was a big task as so far they were unbeaten in our division. Considering, the boys lost last week against the weakest team in the league, expectations were low.

We started super strong with a great team goal, Martin scoring in the 14 minutes. Within a minute of the 1 goal, Dan E. scored another beautiful goal just inside the box. We were by far the stronger team throughout the first half and were passing brilliantly short and long. Really great to watch. It’s an amazing feeling for a coach to see such different abled players look so balanced. A sign of great teamwork.

EX managed to scare us a few times with some sold counter attacks but there was no way past Neev, who came out fearless and saved at least 4 balls on a 1 v 1. He also had 3 super saves in the 2nd half. Fantastic goalkeeping withe very good distribution and long kicks which at the end earned us a win and made him MOTM.

Just before the end of the 1st half, EX managed to finally score with a counter but we were still 2:1 up.

The second half started well and Danilo’s strike just outside the box after a frantic scramble gave us a 3:1 lead. We kept pressing and counter attacking and Aidan managed to score in the 38th minute. Super stuff so far.

We then gave a way a penalty which gave EC a lift and they started to push us hard. The game turned to their advantage as we started to tire and struggled to get back fast enough opening up space for an avalanche of counter attacks, and balls just not dropping our way. However, they boys gave their everything and fought super hard, tackling fanatically.

At some point they managed again to break through and scored their 3rd. We also had 3 fantastic counters and should have scored butt was meant to be. The last 10 minutes were nail biting and EC were trying everything to break through but it wasn’t their day. Neev was in the way!!!

Absolutely fantastic effort and everybody was at the top of their game today and didn’t give up until the last whistle. Especially Archer, Dan E, Mark and Aidan, total fighting machines.

Well done to the boys and super proud of their effort and achievement.

Thank you to all the parents today for their support and helping with equipment.

An special thanks to Gok who reffed the game today very well and had to take some abuse from parents and coaches.


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