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5th May 2019 - Blue Arrows

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Blue Arrows 6 v Glebe Tigers 5

MOTH: Harry Willmore GB: Kevin Gomes ⚽️⚽️⚽️ GS: Ben ⚽️ Daniel E ⚽️ Archer ⚽️

Playing for 3rd place in the last cup game of the season, the boys were the much stronger from the start. They were pressuring Glebe and spend most of the 1st 30 minutes in their half creating some fantastic chances playing the best football I have ever seen them play. The passing, winning challanges, counter attacks, unbelievable crosses and runs made this a fantastic game to watch. However, totally against the run of play, we got caught out 3 times by their very fast centre forward and they scored 3 times. It was one of those games where you can’t believe you are down 3 goals and they were playing their best football ever. We finally managed to score our 1st goal 10 minutes before half time and the attacking carried on but was still fruitless. 3:1 at half time. The 2nd half was as beautiful to watch as the 1st and every single Seymour player was fighting as if it was their last game ever. We were so dominant that Glebe didn’t manage to cross into our half for stretch of at least ten minutes. We quickly scored a cracking header by Daniel and where closing the gap. When they did manage to get the ball to their striker, with another break a way counter, they managed to score a 4th goal. Frustrating. The boys didn’t give up and managed to put another gear on and quickly Ben scored a brilliant free kick from 20 yards and then 2 wonderful counters with super quality through balls gave Kevin his 2nd goal. Archer also managed through sheer determination to muddle his way through the box and score another wonderful goal in between Kevin’s hat trick. 5:5 with 3 minutes to go. We didn’t lose our cool and the boys passed their way into the box and Kevin scored a cracking winner. A great day and a thriller of a game. Wonderful effort and very proud of the team. Every player deserved MOTM but Harry stood out with some superb tackles and was chosen MOTM by the team. No moaning, no complaining from the players. What a difference it makes. So much looking forward to the next match. T

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