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5th May 2019 - U9

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Southbridge FC vs Seymour Villa FC.

It was another away trip for the Villa but the weather was kind.

The match was played on grass but the pitch was not the best. Southbridge in yellow and black shirts kicked off playing downhill.

Villa were missing Michael in the starting lineup of Rufus in goal, Louis and Gavin in defence, midfield was Demario, Henry and Finlay, with Noa up front.

Samuele and Lennon were starting as subs.

The atmosphere was fantastic, again and this was due in a large part to the Villa fanatics. Southbridge had a solid fan base which made for a vocal support for both teams.

Southbridge lined up in a very defensive formation with 3 in defence alongside the goal keeper. I think a certain Jose Mourinho would have approved as I think it’s what one might describe as parking the bus.

However, this didn’t faze our boys who set about taking the game to the opposition. The first half was busy and entertaining but ultimately goalless but not for want of trying.

The second half was downhill for Villa and saw the game stretched a little and more openings were appearing for both teams. The game was a physical but fair contest. Both Demario and Henry were once again in the thick of it, winning the tackles and surging forwards. Rufus as usual was on hand to make some vital stops.

Louis slid in to prevent a clear goal scoring opportunity late on. Lennon was great in the tackle and Samuele came close at the back post.

A neat Villa move saw Louis take a throw in to Noa who pinged in a lovely low cross from the right wing which Demario met brilliantly only for the Southbridge keeper to palm just wide. It was a tense climax to a pretty even contest. The crowd were feeling it and it was best reflected with a nice one-two between the opposition heckles,

“Don’t let them touch the ball” was the Southbridge cry, and the Villa response - “Touch the ball”!! Smiles all round.

The whistle blew for full time with a goalless draw. A great effort by our boys against a resolute Southbridge. It was a thrilling watch, just missing a goal (and of course Michael).

Up the Villa! - on to the final game of the season.

Man of the match went to Louis (our very own Virgil Van Dijk) for another fine game. Well done to all the boys. Thanks Coach.


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