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Blue Star Elite 9​ v Blue Arrows 0

MoTM: Aidan King

Not our greatest moment today.

Playing on a small pitch and with U10 goals is not a condition we play well, however, we only played 20% to our potential.

There is not a lot to report as we basically played very poorly and the first proper game back after the holidays was a performance we need to take count and improve on.

We didn't really turn up today. There was a lot of running, but it was aimless and without purpose. Commitment to tackle and going forward positively was also lacking. We hade 2 or three good attacks once we managed to string a few passes together.

Our opponents were just stronger and had a will to score which reflected in the final score. We didn't challenge the ball and pulled out of most tackles.

A great header from Daniel hit the post and the goalkeeper saved a lovely free-kick from Kevin.

There were a few good individual performances but we were not a team today.

Aidan ran his heart out again today and tried to make it happen which earned him MoTM.

A poor start to our first League season and lots of work to be done.


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