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Seymour Villas FC vs. Sundridge Allstars 3-5 Sunday 15/09/19 @ Knole Academy

Leicester City vs Man Utd 2014 had the same score- will u9’s go on to reach the heady premiership heights of Man Utd? No idea, but there was some excellent passing all round, the boys moved the ball into place with confidence and skill at times.

We were all cooking in the sun as the lads worked up a storm on the pitch; seeing them pull together and play mostly in the way coaches Harrison, Scott, Fred and Julian have been drumming in over the last few months was encouraging although there is still a way to go. It took the first 2 quarters and some shuffling of positions to get them playing to their strengths, however, the second half had the Allstars fighting hard to get the ball back down to our goal.

There was notably nippy and skilful defending from Rafi and Zion, who intercepted and confounded the opposition plenty, whilst Oliver, Oscar and Monty flew up and down the pitch like tactical trojans putting in some miles, tackling and passing and getting the ball back up to their goal along with Laurence and Dylan, who remained solid up top, breaking through their defence, keeping the ball in our possession and wearing out their goalie. Joseph put some serious work in seeing off many serious efforts to score and making sure the ball found a Seymour Villas blue on the way back up.

They scored 5 goals, most of which were too fast for us; they played a tight, strategic defence, seized the moment to attack and relied on each other to find the chinks in our armour- well done to them.

We scored 3:

1 was an own goal- (cheers lads!); 2 was a nifty little *shoulder punt from Laurence which was so stealthy even he didn’t realise it had happened (go on son!); I’ve saved the best til last, because 3 was an absolute blinder of a shot from Monty, who crossed it in from the side of the pitch into the back of the net, like all your football daydreams made real. ;-)

A great start U9s!

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