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U10 - AFC Shortland 4 - 3 Seymour Villa

First match of the season!

No Julian for the first time on the touchline left everybody a bit nervous and at the same time exited.

Darren, Toby and Matt were in charge for this one, big heavy weight on their shoulder but proud to be there doing it.

As always training pre-match was very well organised coaches motivating the kids and the response was good.

Smiles all around, everyone was excited for the new season to kick start.

All ready ref called at the coaches and kids and whistle to start of the new season.

Seymour Villa FC wearing the mighty blue and yellow and opposition AFC Shortland wearing orange.

The blues seemed very determined and passed the first 5 minutes in the Shortland half of the pitch trying to find the opener. Good football, very attacking but as they were working hard forward the Blues left the back to open for the Oranges to counter-attack and find the first goal.

If that wasn't enough Shortland straight after the restart find the second, bang bang! In a blink of an eye, our heroes were 2 goals down. Unbelievable.

The caches called for more concentration to pay attention and defend better.

the boys seemed to catch their words well and composure was regained.

Our boys played the football they know and worked they way up the pitch and warmed up the opponent keeper glows.

Not long before Gavin find the first one of the season and reopened the match.

Great reaction! The supporters went crazy for it and started chanting and screaming in support.

First half was over and the belief was still very high amongst the Blues being only one goal down.

Time for a drink and Oranges brought by Sandra (what a great idea, thank you Sandra!) and the words from the coaches and boys were back on the pitch ready to start.

Second half started more cautiously from both sides but the blues needed an equaliser. Again as the boys were attacking got punished severely with the third goal from Shortland 3 - 1.

Bad news for the supporters but for our heroes as they never take it bad.

Play started with a couple of changes from both teams and the blues find good passing and control of the ball. No time to think too much as time was passing we needed one quick.

Gavin seemed to know that as he collected the ball and one only thing was in his mind, score . So he did 3 -2 great goal.

The all Villa crew wanted another one but instead the fourth from the Oranges came :( 4 -2.

Not much time was left on the clock, so the blues reverse themselves franticly into the opponents half refusing to lose this one! That is what I love from these boys, never give up. The defender started to attacking too by leaving the back uncovered, thanks to Rufus who kept us in the game with some incredible save.

Villa at that point was attacking with all they had in the tank. The Shortland were defending the 2 goals lead as they could. But nothing could stop Micheal scoring a beautiful third for Villa, Yes Yes Yes 4 -3 and few more minutes to play.

It was like throwing petrol into the fire. Our heroes were on the charge and finished the match creating chance after chance but the Shortland players all in their box defended their goal escaped by skin of their teeth and managed to get to the end of the match without conceding.

The final whistle came and the match was over. We lost 4-3. Never mind.

The first match of the Season without our manager was difficult to handle by everybody for the players as well as the coaches but the will to play football was greater than this and in the end, all involved in this amazing team once again were proud for this effort.

Big commitment by Seymour Villa which starts from a very united group of kids always giving 100% with enthusiasm and backed by a great management and supporters. I have seen people from other pitches busy watching other matches all turning to the Blues supporters always so noisy and numerous at home or away.

Thank you Heroes we all are looking forward to the next one!!!!

Alex was our man of the Match congratulation Alex! What best way to start the season in your new team BRAVO.

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